About Us

Razi Applied Science Foundation is a private organization in the field of engineering sciences and technology, Located in Tehran. Our main activity is concentrated in the area of Metallurgy and more Specifically Metals, Polymer, Ceramics and Software Engineering.

We are involved in the R&D work and consultancy for many industrial sectors, problem solving, adapting new technologies, materials and technology optimization, industrial Processes simulation modeling in the field of metallurgy and providing laboratory services for our clients:

Mechanical, Metallography, Materials Failure Analysis, Materials Non Destructive evolution, erosion and Corrosion, Polymer, Chemical Analysis, XRF/XRD, industrial Equipment tools, performance evaluation, Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopey and Sample Preparation.

The foundation is also involved in Non-Technical research subjects, technology for sighting, Improved Human, Product and Process Productivity. The member of foundation have over 30 years experiences in providing services to Industries and other organizations in the field of Technology and R&D experiences. These research members are involved in cooperative research as well.

Our laboratories comply with ISO/IEC 17025 and certificate from IRAN Standard organization.