Simulation & Engineering Design

In 1984, P. Davami, professor of metallurgy at Sharif University of Technology gathered a number of experts and students to develop a solidification simulation software which was later named SUTCAST(the abrivation of Sharif university of technology). The solidification simulation was the focus of the early version of SUTCAST released in 1994. In 1998, professor Davami was awarded by WIPO (Gold Medal) for outstanding invention. SUTCAST´s developmets was supported by Razi Metallurgical Research Center symentilisly from 1984. This support also perform by Razi Applied Science Foundation from 2014. The solidification and fluid flow algorithms were under continuous development during 35 years period and SUTCAST became a helpful hand serving casting industry globally. SUTCAST is a leader in the metal casting industry for mold filling and solidification simulation. SUTCAST is designed to model and simulate casting process and related phenomena accurately.

SUTCAST can simulate the casting processes, and our modules have been applied to a wide range of cast parts successfully. SUTCAST´s casting simulation Software is user-friendly, makes you a professional in the shortest time. SUTCAST involve a fast and precise solidification simulation module. Numerous parameters are simulated and a variety of features are presented graphically. Advanced algorithms of SUTCAST help foundrymen have a perfect preview of their products. The flow of molten metal during casting is modeled. Thanks to the intelligent algorithms designed by SUTCAST team. Numerous parameters are simulated and high quality output gives the sense of a process to the user.



Modeling and Simulation are ready to present services such as:

  • Gating and risering design casting.
  • Simulation of fluid flow inside the mold cavity, gating systems and other parts of the castings.
  • Diagnoses of casting defects during casting process to insure the soundness of cast parts.
  • Evaluation of retained stress during cooling of the cast parts.
  • Evaluation of structure and mechanical properties according to demand of our customers standards.
  • Simulation of mechanical properties of castings.
  • Casting's defects assessment by virtual X-ray images.
  • Casting process simulation.


The key features of this software are:

  • Improvements in part quality.
  • New material and process investigation.
  • Mold downsizing.
  • Total cost reduction
  • Reduction of running cost
  • Shorter lead time for mold development.
  • Reduction of trial and error
  • Reliability
  • Production feasibility.

We are ready to provide best services for our clients.