Metallography Laboratory

Metallography laboratory is one of the section of Razi Applied Sciences Foundation acting in the area of the materials research. RASF´s Metallography laboratory performs metallurgical analysis of many type of metallic alloys using a variety of metallographic optical microscopes, macro hardness and micro-hardness testting equipment's.

The tests provide valuable information about the materials under study. Our experienced metallurgists and technicians work closely together in order to help customers to find their microstructural questions. The results are following the designated international standards.

This lab, also provides such as digital microstructure and fasilitas failure analysis. A list of metallography lab services are provided below: Soundness (porosity, crack, cavity,..) microstructural evaluation of metallic alloys, graphite morphology and decarburization's depth meurment.

Coating thickness measurement (Oxide) evaluation of Intergranullar attack, ferrite, austenite replica preparation, Hardness (Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell) testing, grain flow and grain size determinations, heat treated condition evaluation, welding qualification (Macro and Micro-Hardness), studying of the effect of manufacturing procces on the qualites of various industrial parts.