Conference on investment opportunities in the steel industry

Some of the sponsors of the conference:

✓ Joint research and educational institute of Tehran University and IMIDRO (UNIDO)

✓ Industries and Mines Commission of the Islamic Council

✓ Isfahan Zob Ahan Joint Stock Company

✓ Innovation Center of Mines and Mineral Industries of Iran (IMINO)

✓ Islamic Azad University

✓ Iron ore Association of Iran

✓ Syndicate of steel pipe and profile producers

✓ Iran Coal Association

✓ Gol Gohar Iron and Steel Development Company

✓ Biston Iron Smelting Company

✓ Razi Applied Sciences Foundation

✓ Rastapad Technologists Engineering Company

✓ Iranian Ghadir Iron and Steel Company

✓ China OTSK company

✓ Berso Engineering Company

✓ Bama Iron Company

✓ Jahan Fould Gharb complex

✓ Siban company Spain

✓ German Stiebel company

💠 We invite all industrialists, economic activists and those interested in the field of steel to join us in this gathering.


Sunday, March 1, 1400 10 to 16 hours


Tehran, Olympic Hotel, International Conference Hall

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To register for the conference, visit Folad Seminar website:


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☑️ Communication with the conference secretariat

Coordination phone:

0991-4234926 Mrs. Shakuri


Website of the conference secretary:



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